Services Perfect Garden

As a part of a very wide and comprehensive offer, we make every garden from A to Z. We start with the analysis of the client’s expectations. We are open to all suggestions. Additionally, during the initial consultation we will suggest what styles are popular, what plants to use, how to arrange the area, and make the garden beautiful so that everyone wants to spend there as much time as possible.

If the area for the future garden is uneven, we will deal with its leveling and shaping according to the established arrangements. Properly prepared area is important for planning the deployment of outdoor furniture and further implementations. In our offer you will find the construction of ponds with filters and aquatic plants, rockeries, which are the most visible ornaments in the garden, giving them individual character. We also make various types of surfaces such as: paths, rims, sidewalks, platforms, driveways. We install comprehensive automated irrigation and drainage systems that allow you to easily and intuitively take care of the right degree of moisture content. We advise on choosing the lighting for the garden, focusing not only on a utility function but also a decorative and atmospheric one. One of the most important activities is creating lawns. We specialize in professional installation of the sod or grass seeding. If your garden is ready, we offer you a thorough maintenance services. Depending on individual requirements, we offer regular maintenance or one-off gardening services.


Home gardens

Leveling and shaping of the area

Garden furniture and accessories

Garden rockeries

Pond building

Garden surfaces

Garden irrigation

Installation of garden lighting

Drainage of gardens

Sod installation or grass seeding

Garden sculptures & statues

Garden Maintenance